Fabrizio De Francesco

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Personal Statement

Fabrizio joined the School of Government and Public Policy in 2012. Before moving to Glasgow he was a Marie Curie postdoctoral researcher at the University of Zurich and a Premier Assistant at the Institut d'études politiques et internationales, University of Lausanne. He completed his PhD at the University of Exeter in 2010.

A revised version of his PhD thesis on policy diffusion has been recently published by the ECPR press. Focusing on regulatory impact as a case study, this book shows how the OECD transnational networks have framed and diffused such a policy innovation, but there is a limited extent of policy interdependence in the implementation and evaluation stages. More information can be found at the publisher's website.


Research Interests

Fabrizio has been researching on regulatory reform, better regulation and impact assessment since 2000. He has gained extensive experience as a research consultant for private companies as well as Italian national and regional public authorities. During his PhD study at the University of Exeter, he worked as a full-time research on several projects on regulatory quality and policy appraisal funded by the European Commission, the World Bank and the UK Economic and Social Research Council.  This research has been published in a co-authored book - Regulatory Quality in Europe - and in several journal articles and book chapters. Fabrizio has extensive experience participating in governmental projects on the implementation of RIA in Italy and the UK, as well as a research project funded by the World Bank.

He is currently working on four main projects.

The first is a Marie Curie funded project on the globalisation of rulemaking. Building on Fabrizio's recent work on policy diffusion, this project assesses and estimates the extent of convergence among OECD and EU member states in the area of administrative law and rulemaking. It develops an index of similarities in administrative requirements in order to test alternative explanations of convergence. This research will contribute to the conceptual literature on administrative law, the methodological literature on policy convergence and the literature on global administrative law.

The second examines the extent of policy representation in the implementation of the EU single market. Focusing on the liberalisation of rail market, he presented two working papers at the MPSA, EPSA and ECPR conferences.

The third research strand attempts to use good governance and regulatory indicators to test both theories of public policy, such as policy learning and emulation, and theories of regulation.

The final research project is funded by the European Investment Bank. Prof John Bachtler, Robert Thomson (both at the School of Government and Public Policy), Karol Olejniczak (University of Warsaw) and I aim to establish a causal relationship between "administrative capacity-building and EU cohesion policy". The research will contribute to the wider debate on the influence of 'good governance' on economic and social outcomes in Europe, and how the capacity of national, regional and local government to design and implement effective policies can be improved.

Research Interests

Policy diffusion

Policy interdependence and the role of the OECD

Regulatory reform

Regulatory policy appraisal

Good governance indicators

Administrative reform

Fabrizio welcomes applications for prospective PhDs in any of the above listed research areas.

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in the School of Government and Public Policy, click here for more information.

Teaching Interests


  • L2401 - Theories and Practices of Regulation and Governance


  • L2916 - Comparative Public Policy


Academic / Professional qualifications

Member of Political Studies Association

Member of American Political Science Association

Member of Midwest Political Science Association

Member of Marie Curie Fellows Association

Member of Network of Italian Scholars Abroad

Member of International Regulatory Reform Network


    Research areas

  • Regulatory impact analysis, OECD, Policy innovation diffusion, Comparative public policy
Fabrizio De Francesco

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