Jae Min Kim

Research Fellow

Research Interests

On-line monitoring and control of energy systems:

  • Dynamic demand-side control with intermittent energy supplies (e.g. renewable energy systems). 
  • Cost-effective dispatching control of multi-fuel energy supply systems via Internet and/or telecommunication channels.

Energy planning decision support:

  • Energy information systems to provide decision-makers at various levels (e.g. policy makers, local authorities, energy managers, building designers and consumers) with information on energy demand, supply potentials and environmental impacts by sector, time and fuel type.

Energy modelling:

  • Optimal design and operation of hybrid renewable/low carbon energy systems based on hourly demand/supply simulations at building or city level

Expertise & Capabilities

  • Energy modelling
  • Micro-energy grid
  • Internet-based monitoring and control of energy systems
  • Technology analysis
  • Commercial project management

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