Economic and environmental benefits of innovative sensor products for military and commercial applications

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  • Gordon Hayward (Participant)


A significant body of research in ultrasonics at the University of Strathclyde led to the formation of Alba Ultrasound Limited in 2000. This successful UK engineering manufacturing company designs and manufactures high quality wideband ultrasonic array transducers for sonar applications to a worldwide client base, delivering benefits ranging from naval and maritime security through to safer ocean environments and informed exploitation of marine resources. Alba Ultrasound’s unique array transducers constitute the sensor front-end in many leading sonar systems, and its innovative products are incorporated in a range of sonar devices used by the military and commercial companies. Through application of Strathclyde research, the company has experienced a significant period of growth during 2008-2013, with a three-fold increase in employees and turnover rising from £750k to £3.8M.

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  • Economic and commerce
  • Quality of life and safety
  • Environment and sustainability - natural world and built environment

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