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  1. Transforming attitudes to mental health: using art festivals to access hard to reach communities

    Lee Knifton (Participant), Neil Quinn (Participant)

    Impact: Impact - for External PortalPublic understanding, information and debate

  2. Turning Electrons into Opportunities

    Dino Jaroszynski (Participant)

    Impact: Impact - for External PortalEconomic and commerce, Health and welfare - new products, guidelines and services

  3. University of Strathclyde Innocence Project

    Impact: Impact - for External PortalProfessional practice, training and standards

  4. Weir Group has designs on competitive advantge

    Impact: Impact - for External PortalEconomic and commerce

  5. Who gets to play? Investigating equity in musical instrument instruction in Scottish Primary Schools

    Lio Moscardini (Participant), Alastair Wilson (Participant), David Barron (Participant)

    Impact: Impact - for External PortalCulture and creativity, Education

  6. Widening public access to judicial decision making through information systems

    John N. Wilson (Participant)

    Impact: Impact - for External PortalPolicy and legislation, Public understanding, information and debate, Professional practice, training and standards

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