Strathclyde Business School

Organisational unit: Faculty

  1. Strategy Workshop for Turner & Co Ltd

    Sminia, H. & Nair, A. K.

    Turner & Co (GB) Ltd

    Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)Knowledge Exchange (Services / Consultancy)

  2. The Economic and Social Impact of City Building on Glasgow

    Dunlop, S.

    City Building (Glasgow) LLP


    Project: Research

  3. Global Engagements Giuseppe De Feo MIT (2)

    De Feo, G.


    Project: Internally funded project

  4. Mafia, Social Conflict and State Capacity

    De Feo, G., Acemoglu, D. & De Luca, G.

    Project: Research

  5. Body Image and Social Media: Research and Practice in a Changing Environment

    Eckler, P., Tonner, A. & Cameron, J.


    Project: Internally funded project

  6. TIC LCPE: Enhanced simulation and logistics of offshore wind farm installation (Wind-04)

    Revie, M.

    Scottish and Southern Energy Plc, Scottish Power PLC


    Project: Research

  7. Financial Blockchain: AFRC Route to Impact Funding

    Broby, D.


    Project: Research - Institute

  8. Strathclyde - ESRC/SE Government Collaborative Transition DTG | Matthews, Russell

    Carter, S., Carter, S. & Matthews, R.

    ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council)


    Project: Research Studentship - Internally AllocatedResearch Studentship (Internally Allocated)

  9. Understanding the adoption of Technology Enabled Care

    Kavanagh, K., Hughes, J. & Lennon, M.

    Scottish Government


    Project: Research

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