David Garcia Cava

Lecturer A

Personal Statement

David is currently a Lecturer in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Strathclyde.

David has participated in several international research collaborations at the University of Michigan in the development of self-sensing materials with embedded carbon nanocomposites and at Lodz University of Technology in the development of a condition monitoring methodology for centrifugal compressors.  He has gained experience in working and collaborating within the industry during his four years as structural engineer and currently as a researcher in collaboration with Bruel & Kjaer in the development of structural health monitoring methodology for wind turbine blades. He had the honour to receive four prestigious scholarships to extend his research career and networking. David has also been granted with a research grant as key contributor.He has always been attracted both professionally and personally by exciting and challenging projects. As an engineer, David considers himself an enthusiastic and passionate researcher who introduces innovation in the investigation.

Research Interests

His main research interests:

  • Analysis of structures
  • Structural and Engineering vibrations 
  • Operational Modal Analysis 
  • Vibration-based structural health monitoring
  • Damage identification
  • Damage diagnosis (short-term) and prognosis (long-term)
  • Fatigue life estimation
  • Data-driven techniques
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Multifunctional advanced materials
  • Self-sensing materials
  • Composite laminated materials 
  • Condition monitoring

Teaching Interests

His teaching courses are:

- Engineering Materials and Design, 2016--present
- Experimental and Laboratory skills, 2016--present
- Machinery Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring laboratory, 2014--2016
- Dynamics and Vibrations laboratory, 2013--2016
- Fourth and Fifth Year Student Projects supervision, 2012--present

Industrial Relevance

ALGECO Modular Constructions, Madrid (Spain)
Structural engineer, Technical and Research Department, MAY 2008 - SEP 2010

SGS Tecnos, Madrid (Spain)
Structural engineer, Construction and Structures Department, JUL 2006 - MAY 2008
Outstanding work: Technical assistance in the project of structures at Caja Madrid Tower design by
Sir Norman Foster, 2007

David Garcia Cava

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