Grigorios Kotronoulas


Personal Statement

Dr Grigorios Kotronoulas is a cancer nurse and post-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Strathclyde, with three years of clinical and 12 years of research experience in the area of cancer care and patient and families support. Grigorios holds a MSc in Oncology Nursing and Palliative Care, and his PhD investigated alterations and interrelations in sleep quality in breast cancer patient-caregiver dyads. Grigorios has been involved in over 20 nurse-led research projects, while he has a strong background in quantitative research and systematic literature reviews. His research interests include the assessment and management of sleep disorders and insomnia in cancer care; supportive care needs assessment/management interventions; supportive self-management; dyadic (patient-caregiver) nursing care; implementation of patient-reported outcome measures in clinical practice; and utilisation of digital health solutions in cancer care.


    Research areas

  • Nursing, Cancer care, Sleep disorders, Insomnia, Symptom management, Supportive care, Digital health
Grigorios Kotronoulas

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