Ivan Glesk


Personal Statement

I received my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Quantum Electronics and Optics from Comenius University. In 1998, I was awarded Doctor of Sciences (D.Sc.) degree from the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

In 1986, I joined Department of Experimental Physics at Comenius University as an assistant professor where I later became Professor of Physics were I conducted my research in areas of nonlinear optics, liquid crystals and atmosphere sensing by LIDAR systems.

As a Recipient of the IREX Fellowship I was a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Princeton University, USA, in 1990-1991. After that, I joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University where I became Senior Research Scholar and Manager of the Lightwave Communication Research Laboratory.

In 2007, I have joined Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering University of Strathclyde as Professor of Broadband Communication Systems. 

Research Interests

Broadband communication systems, energy aware networks and optical interconnects for data centres, physical layer security, applications of optoelectronics and short pulse fibre laser systems in data networks, optical switching and routing, nanowire/subwavelength waveguide -based optical devices for advanced signal processing and sensing, biophotonics.

Expertise & Capabilities

   - broadband communication systems
   - multiplexing techniques based on WDM, OTDM, OCDMA, OFDM
   - ultrafast switching and all-optical signal processing
   - photonics for biomedical applications
   - energy aware ultrahigh bandwidth interconnects for the next-generation data centres

Industrial Relevance

Research output highlights:
  - Advanced fibre optic testbed between University of Strathclyde & Glasgow University
  - Demonstration of secure communication avionic platform (collaboration with Lockheed-Martin, USA)
  - Optical interconnect (collaboration with Sun Microsystems, USA)
  - Patent portfolio acquired by Kailight Photonics (Israel) / Finisar, USA
  - Single shot all-optical digitizing oscilloscope with bandwidth approaching 1THz (collaboration with Tektronix)

International network of collaborators:
  - Princeton University, USA
  - McGill University, Canada
  - National Research Council, Canada
  - University of Žilina, Slovakia
  - OKI Industries, Japan
  - University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
  - International Laser Center, Slovakia
  - University of Malaga, Spain
  - Roma TRE, Italy
  - Natianal Research Council, Canada

Teaching Interests

My current teaching involvement covers:

   - EE105 Labs
   - EE107 PDP & SGT
   - EE269 Labs
   - EE311 Electronic and Electrical Principles 3
   - PDP for UG & MSc
   - UG & MSc Theses supervision

Academic / Professional qualifications

Managerial experience:

     Director of Engineering, Ultra Fast Optical Systems, Inc., USA, 2000-2002
    •  Laboratory Manager:
       - CIDCOM Broadband Communication Laboratory, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
       - Lightwave Communication Research Laboratory, Princeton University, USA, 1995-2007

Professional activities overview:

  • Director of the Joint GRPe Graduate School, Glasgow, UK

  • Dean of the Faculty C/7 committee member, Princeton University, 2006-2007

  • Council of the Princeton University Community member, 2003-2005

  • Advisory board, Kailight, Inc., Israel

  • Consulting work and collaborative research with industry/academia (selected examples):
    Techmedia, UK; OFCOM, UK; Princeton Optics/Division of ADC Telecommunications, USA; Sensors Unlimited, USA; Telcordia, USA; SUN Microsystems, USA; Thorlabs, Inc., USA; Sensitron Semiconductor, Inc. USA

       International Committees and Panels memeber:

  • Member of editorial boards of international journals

  • Member of the “Doctor of Sciences, (D.Sc) Evaluation Committee,” Slovak republic, 1998-2010

  • Member of the “PhD Examining Committee,” Comenius University, Slovak Republic

  • Chairman of Slovak Committee for Optics (part of International Commission for Optics, ICO), 2004-2009

       Funding agencies and review boards member:

  • APVT (Funding agency of the Slovak government) - reviewer

  • APVV (Slovak Research and Development Agency) – reviewer


  • Carnegie Trust Research Assessor, UK

  • PCCA 2013, Romania

  • EU research grant applications reviewer
  • External Evaluator for the final review of the COST Action 299
  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

       International Scientific Conference Committees and Panels:

  • Member of the scientific program committee ICO Topical Meeting on Optics & Energy 2010, Paris, France.

  • GLOBECOM 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

  • Information Photonics IP2011, Ottawa Canada

  • 3rd , 4th , 5th Electronics Circuits and System Conference, Bratislava;  (IEEE Computer Society)

  • Photonics Prague 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017 (European Optical Society, SPIE)

  • 14th , 15th , 16th , 17th , 19th, 20th Czech-Slovak-Polish International conference (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2016 SPIE)

  • Program committee member – Photonics in Switching 2001 (Optical Society of America)


    Research areas

  • Fiber Optics, Optical Bio Sensors, Broadband Communication Systems, Photonics, Sensor Networks, Optical Interconnects for Data Centres, Lasers, Energy aware networks, e-Health, Sensors


  1. EPSRC Doctoral Training Grant - DTA, University of Strathclyde | Jamieson, Jonathan

    Project: Research Studentship - Internally AllocatedResearch Studentship (Internally Allocated)

  2. Epsrc Doctoral Training Grant | Mathur, Neha

    Project: Research Studentship - Internally AllocatedResearch Studentship (Internally Allocated)

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  1. Fellowship - Canadian Research Council, Canada

    Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively

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Ivan Glesk

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