Jeremy Gibson

Research Fellow

Personal Statement

I joined CUE in May of 2015 as a Research Associate. I am involved in several collaborative projects focused on understanding the mechanical and bioacoustic properties of insect ears. In addition to my own research, I also support teaching within the EEE, support colleagues, and post-graduate students.

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly in the fields of animal behavior and communication. I am specifically interested in the evolution of animal signals/communication. Mating displays provide incredible opportunities to understand how selection forces contribute to the design of communication systems. Animal communication/signals are under numerous constraints such as environmental filtering, receiver filtering, and eavesdropping, just to name a few. Investigating these constraints provide numerous research opportunities across a wide range of biological approaches (e.g., behavior, ecology, genetics, bioacoustics and neurobiology).

My current research involves investigating the mechanical properties of insect ears to better understand their passive signal processing characteristics. These investigations provide insights into how ear mechanics can drive signal evolution, and additionally can provide insights for the creation of biologically inspired bioacoustic devices.


Jeremy Gibson

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