Maddie Breeze

Lecturer B

Research Interests

  • Gender and Sexuality, Sociology of Emotions, Feeling & Affect,
  • Sociology of Education, Sociology of Knowledge,
  • Youth Studies, Political Participation, Citizenship, Social Change, Social Justice

Personal Statement


Breeze ,M (forthcoming 2018) ‘Imposter Syndrome as a Public Feeling’ in Y Taylor and K Lahad (eds.) Feeling Academic in the Neoliberal University: Feminist Flights, Fights and Failures Palgrave Macmillan


Breeze, M. Jamieson, L. Gorringe, H. and Rosie, M. (early view 2017) ‘Becoming Independent: Political participation and youth transitions in the Scottish Referendum’, British Journal of Sociology


MacInnes, J. Breeze, M. de Haro, M. Kandlik, M. and Karels, M. (2016) Measuring up: international case studies on the teaching of quantitative methods in the social sciences. Report to the British Academy, London.


Breeze, M (2015) Seriousness in Women's Roller Derby: Gender, Organization, and Ambivalence Basginstoke, Palgrave MacMillan.


Breeze, M. Jamieson, L. Gorringe, H. and Rosie, M. (2015) ‘Yes to Independence, No to Nationalism? “Nationalism” and social justice amongst young Yes voters’, Scottish Affairs 24(4): 419-431


Breeze, M (2013) ‘Analysing “Seriousness” in Roller Derby: Speaking Critically with the Serious Leisure Perspective’, Sociological Research Online 18(4)


Downes, J. Breeze, M. and Griffin, N. (2013) ‘Researching DIY Cultures: Towards a situated ethical practice' Graduate Journal of Social Science 10(2): 100-124.


Breeze, M (2010) ‘There’s No Balls in Derby: Roller Derby as a Unique, Gendered Sports Context’, The International Journal of Sport and Society 1(3): 121-133.


Breeze, M (2009) ‘Analysing young women’s experiences of hidden gendered power in heterosexual relationships’, in Edinburgh Sociology Working Papers No. 33.

  1. Imposter syndrome as a public feeling

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