Meisam Jalalvand

Lecturer B

Personal Statement

Dr. Meisam Jalalvand is Chancellor’s Fellow and Lecturer in Composite Structures at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. His research interests are mainly about failure of composite materials and application of analytical and Finite Element methods to understand, predict and optimise composite structures. Meisam has been leading the development of pseudo-ductile hybrid composites and commercialising them for passive overload-sensory applications (inventor of two UK patent applications). His other research interests include: new test methods, passive health-monitoring, structural repairs using composites and nature-inspired material design.

Dr M Jalalvand is interested in taking PhD students. 


    Research areas

  • Composite materials, Finite Element Analysis, Fracture Mechanics, Failure Analysis, Ductile and pseudo-ductile composites, Hybrid composites
Meisam Jalalvand

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