Paranjayee Mandal, CEng MIMechE

Research Fellow

Personal Statement

Paranjayee’s field of expertise includes PVD coatings, vacuum deposition techniques especially pulsed magnetron sputtering, tribology of thin films, advanced material characterisation techniques for microstructural and mechanical analyses of coatings, metals and alloys. She has extensive experience in development of both hard and soft PVD coatings using different pulsed magnetron sputtering systems (such as UBMS, HIPIMS, combined UBMS-HIPIMS), design of compound target for coating deposition, handling of industrial-sized PVD coating machine, optimisation of coating deposition process, coating characterisation and performance evaluation. These PVD coatings have widespread application in automotive, manufacturing and biomedical industries. Apart from surface engineering, her research work focusses on the evolution of microstructural and mechanical properties of Titanium alloys, Ni-based super alloys and nuclear grade steels undergone different forming, forging and rotary processes. She is also an expert user of a number of advanced material characterisation techniques including optical and electron microscopy (SEM-EDX, WDX), EBSD, XRD, Raman spectroscopy, Secondary neutral mass spectroscopy (SNMS), nano-indentation, atomic force microscopy (AFM), room-temp, high-temp and vacuum tribological tests, contact and non-contact surface profilometry, micro-hardness test, scratch-adhesion test, thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA), tensile and compression tests etc.

Paranjayee Mandal

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