Qiteng Hong

Research Fellow

Personal Statement

I’m a research associate in the in the Institute for Energy and Environment. I received my BEng(Hons) degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2011 and my PhD in power system protection in 2015, both from the University of Strathclyde. Presently, I’m involved with a number of projects and research activities: 

ACCEPT project:  my research mainly focuses on the development of adaptive load shedding scheme to minimise the risk of wide-area blackouts and the investigation of the communication requirements to support such a scheme. This project is in collaboration with University of Manchester, Imperial Colleague and Indian Institutes of Technology.

SMART Frequency Control (SFC) project: the SFC is a Network Innovation Competition (NIC) project led by National Grid with a total funding of over £9 million. The objective is to establish a monitoring and control scheme that allows accurate detection and location of frequency disturbances and initiate fast frequency response from a variety of resources (e.g. wind, PV, etc.). The role of Strathclyde is to conduct comprehensive tests of such a scheme through simulation and the facilities at our Power Network Demonstration Centre (PNDC) to ensure the scheme can meet the design specifications

Intelligent system for protection settings validation:  this is my PhD research project funded by National Grid, and I have been continuously working on this research. During my PhD study, I have developed an intelligent system (termed “PPST”) that allows comprehensive validation of protection settings. I have been working on the refinement of the system so that it can be better suited to practical applications. This research has led to a three-month project awarded by ScottishPower with a funding of £25,711. The project is to evaluate the suitability of existing systems and techniques to be used for protection settings and performance validation in ScottishPower’s system.

I’m a regular member of the CIGRE Working Group B5.50 entitled “IEC 61850-based Substation Automation Systems – Expectation of Stakeholders and User Interaction”. I’m also the honorary secretary of IET Scotland South West Committee and the Technical Lead at the CIGRE UK Next Generation Network. 

My personal webpage is: http://personal.strath.ac.uk/q.hong/Home.html





Expertise & Capabilities

  • Power system protection
  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Model-based reasoning
  • Software development
  • IEC 61850

    Research areas

  • Power system protection, artificial intelligence, model-based systems, knowledge-based systems, power system frequency response , adaptive load shedding
Qiteng Hong

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