Selwyn Stanley

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Personal Statement

My Teaching Profile: My three decades of teaching in Social Work related areas has led me to engage with a range of subjects both at the Graduate and Masters levels. My strong points in a nutshell, are teaching Psychology and Sociology related subjects such as Human Growth & Personality Development, Contemporary Social Problems, Mental Health, Substance Misuse, Methods of Social Work (working with Individuals and Families, Crisis Intervention, Group Work) and Research Methodology besides Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice.

Research Interests: My academic specialism in ‘Medical & Psychiatric Social Work’, from the start of my career gave me an inclination to research mental health issues particularly as they impact on family dynamics. My interests lie predominantly in the areas of substance misuse, mental illness, quality of life, care giving, suicide and HIV, though I am not hesitant to explore other areas as well. I am also interested in issues relating to the academic experience of social work students as they progress through their career and career related issues facing social work practitioners. Where possible I would like to give these studies a cross-cultural/national dimension. My publications evidence my interest in alcohol misuse in particular and its impact on family dynamics such as adjustment, conflict and communication as they impact on the spouse and children.


    Research areas

  • Social Work, Mental health, Substance Misuse
Selwyn Stanley

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