Robert Martin


  1. Hybrid top-down/bottom-up fabrication of a highly uniform and organized faceted AlN nanorod scaffold

    Coulon, P. M., Kusch, G., Fletcher, P., Chausse, P., Martin, R. W. & Shields, P. A. 5 Jul 2018 In : Materials. 11, 7, 12 p., 1140

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  2. Hybrid top-down/bottom-up fabrication of regular arrays of AlN nanorods for deep-UV core–shell LEDs

    Coulon, P-M., Kusch, G., Le Boulbar, E. D., Chausse, P., Bryce, C., Martin, R. W. & Shields, P. A. 31 May 2018 In : Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research. 255, 5, 9 p., 1700445

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  3. Stimulated emission and optical properties of solid solutions of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 direct band gap semiconductors

    Svitsiankou, I. E., Pavlovskii, V. N., Lutsenko, E. V., Yablonskii, G. P., Mudryi, A. V., Borodavchenko, O. M., Zhivulko, V. D., Yakushev, M. V. & Martin, R. 31 May 2018 In : Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. 85, 2, p. 267-273 7 p.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  4. Cathodoluminescence studies of chevron features in semi-polar (11-22) InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well structures

    Brasser, C., Bruckbauer, J., Gong, Y. P., Jiu, L., Bai, J., Warzecha, M., Edwards, P. R., Wang, T. & Martin, R. W. 1 May 2018 In : Journal of Applied Physics. 123, 7 p., 174502

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  5. Generated carrier dynamics in V-pit enhanced InGaN/GaN light emitting diode

    Ajia, I. A., Edwards, P. R., Pak, Y., Belekov, E., Roldan, M. A., Wei, N., Liu, Z., Martin, R. W. & Roqan, I. S. 21 Mar 2018 In : ACS Photonics. 5, 3, p. 820-826 7 p.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  6. Multi-wavelength emission from a single InGaN/GaN nanorod analyzed by cathodoluminescence hyperspectral imaging

    Kusch, G., Conroy, M., Li, H., Edwards, P. R., Zhao, C., Ooi, B. S., Pugh, J., Cryan, M. J., Parbrook, P. J. & Martin, R. W. 29 Jan 2018 In : Scientific Reports. 8, 1, 8 p., 1742

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  7. Optical properties and resonant cavity modes in axial InGaN/GaN nanotube microcavities

    Coulon, P. -M., Pugh, J. R., Athanasiou, M., Kusch, G., Le Boulbar, E. D., Sarua, A., Smith, R., Martin, R. W., Wang, T., Cryan, M., Allsopp, D. W. E. & Shields, P. A. 13 Nov 2017 In : Optics Express. 25, 23, p. 28246-28257 12 p.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

  8. Spectroscopic and electrical signatures of acceptor states in solution processed Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 solar cells

    Tiwari, D., Skidchenko, E., Bowers, J. W., Yakushev, M. V., Martin, R. W. & Fermin, D. J. 25 Oct 2017 In : Journal of Materials Chemistry. C . 5, 48, p. 12720-12727 8 p.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewArticle

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