Stefan Kah

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Personal Statement

Stefan Kah is a Research & Knowledge Exchange Fellow in EPRC and specialises in research on Alpine and South-Eastern Europe. He specialises in research on Alpine and South-Eastern Europe, where he has conducted a series of studies on regional policy and the design and implementation of EU Cohesion policy in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia and studies of regional development and regional policy in Switzerland. He is network manager of the IQ-Net consortium on the exchange of experiences with Structural Funds implementation and has undertaken evaluation research on a major ex post evaluation study of the management and implementation of the European Regional Development Fund. His interests also lie in rural development, specifically the role of food products as catalysts for regional development and landscape conservation in rural areas. He has carried out studies on food products and their role in preserving a cultural landscape in the Cinque Terre National Park in Italy, the Biosphere Reserve Großes Walsertal in Austria and in the context of a transnational project between Spain, Austria and Poland. Before joining EPRC, he worked as quality manager at the INTERACT Point ‘Managing Transition and External Cooperation’ in Vienna and in Switzerland on a feasibility project for the national park Parc Adula.



Stefan Kah

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