1. MATES

    Turan, O., Demirel, Y. K. & Kurt, R.

    European Commission - Other

    Project: Knowledge Exchange (Erasmus+)

  2. CEEMAN Accreditation Team

    McKiernan, P.

    Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)Knowledge Exchange

  3. Factors that cause hardship for older adults in Scotland

    Brown, L.

    Scottish Older People's Assembly (SOPA)

    Project: Knowledge Exchange

  4. QT Hub partnership project with KNT

    Riis, E., Arnold, A. & Griffin, P.

    EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


    Project: Research

  5. In the Gulag's Shadow: Producing, Consuming and Perceiving Prisons in the Fromer USSR

    Piacentini, L., Slade, G., Olmenchenko, E. & Trochev, A.


    Project: Research

  6. Next Generation Asthma DHI

    Chute, C.

    Asthma UK


    Project: Memo of Understanding

  7. AFRC_DIRF_1038

    Fitzpatrick, S.

    University of Sheffield


    Project: Research

  8. AFRC_DIRF_1033

    Lalvani, H.

    Doncasters Limited


    Project: Research

  9. 17OP-102 Sensor for Corrosion under insulation - detection, location and quantification Phase 1

    Roy, S. & Laidlaw, S.

    Corrosion Radar Limited, OGIC (SFC Innovation Centre, Administered via HEI)


    Project: Research

  10. Effectiveness and Pharmacoepidemiology Studies - Framework Agreement

    Bennie, M., Kavanagh, K. & Robertson, C.

    European Union: European Medicines Agency (EMA)


    Project: Research - no external fundingResearch (No External Funding)

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