1. A computational model of blood flow in normal and diseased arteries

    Kazakidi, A.


    Project: Research - StudentshipResearch Studentship

  2. Blood flow dynamics in the surviving adult congenital heart patient

    Boumpouli, M., Danton, M., Gourlay, T. & Kazakidi, A.


    Project: Research - StudentshipResearch Studentship

  3. LV arc fault testing

    Coffele, F.

    Powerline Technologies Ltd


    Project: Research

  4. Industry contribution to NTU-Strathclyde Studentship

    Yang, E.


    Project: Research - StudentshipKnowledge Exchange

  5. Intelligent Collaborative Robotic Manipulation for Advanced Manufacturing and Remanufacturing

    Yang, E. & Post, M.


    Project: Research - StudentshipResearch Fellowship

  6. Additional Test For Oscar Propulsion

    Atlar, M.

    Oscar Propulsion Limited

    Project: Knowledge Exchange (Services/Consultancy)Knowledge Exchange (Services / Consultancy)

  7. Children on the 'edges of care': Transforming Pathways; Improving Lives

    Harvey, D.

    Robertson Trust

    Project: Knowledge Exchange