1. Sentient observers in the quantum regime and the emergence of an objective reality | Walker, Liam Stuart

    Robb, G., Daley, A. & Walker, L. S.


    Project: Research - Internally AllocatedResearch (Internally Allocated)

  2. UK Quantum Technology Hub for Quantum Communications Quantum Technologies | Tatsi, Gioan

    Jeffers, J., Piani, M. & Tatsi, G.

    EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)


    Project: Research - Internally AllocatedResearch (Internally Allocated)

  3. APEX, Phase- II: [Newton] Advancing the efficiency and production potential of excitonic solar cells, Phase- II

    Upadhyaya, H. M., Friend, R., Durrant, J., Snaith, H. J., Haque, S. A., Robertson, N. & Ivaturi, A.


    Project: Projects from Previous Employment

  4. AFRC_DIRF_642_Metals Large Scale Project

    Cantwell, P.

    Total E&P UK Limited, S.P.M. Flow Control, Inc. (dba Weir Oil and Gas) (USA), Glacier Energy Services Limited, Technip UK Limited, OGIC (SFC Innovation Centre, Administered via HEI)


    Project: Research

  5. TIHM Study : Technology Integrated Healthcare Management

    Maguire, R.


    Project: Non-funded project

  6. AFRC_Additive manufacturing Forum

    Konkova, T.

    1/04/15 → …

    Project: Research

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